i smell Nespresso coffee

Nespresso is one of my favorite coffee. At the first time I thought this capsule can serve a standard of taste. But then I was wrong.. Nespresso has 16  grands of tastes.. and I guess my level of caffein has already high. So if you’re already addicted, don’t try Cosi (grade 3). It tastes very light on my tongue. I tried in Nespresso corner in de Bijenkorf.

One Sunday morning at de Ploeg Bergeijk, I tried this coffee… It tasted good and made me wake up. When I asked what kind of coffee it was…. It’s Nespresso… Since then, I really fall in love with this brand.

For the second cup, then I asked for espresso.. It’s perfect!

One day I tried Ristretto cappuccino (grade 10). As I remembered this place use Latissima machine with removable part for adding the milk. I don’t know the mistake, but the taste was not the same like the usual Nespresso I always have. Perhaps is the milk…

Eager to know other Nespresso capsules, then I tried Arpeggio (grade 9)..                   Again I felt it’s so .. so..