i smell knowledge on coffee

Hey do you know how is actually the process of the coffee beans? I got this pictures from my new friend who runs a coffee-business in Sumatra (*thanks to FB who met me with him). So this information is credited to  Eko Purnomowidi – who had been working for years at  the blue batak the famouscoffee legend . The Sumatra coffee beans have a wet-ground’s process or giling basah.

However not every beans have the same process. For the Sunda-Bali beans the process is dry ground one or giling kering.

sumatra is the name of island in Indonesia which has many famous coffee beans; sunda is other name for west java-Indonesia; is the famous island of Indonesia; giling basah is wet ground process; giling kering is dry ground process

This is step by step to brew coffee for  coffee lovers who only have kettle to make the coffee * Special thanks to Sunda Hejo Klasik Beans team

proses pembuatan kopi

It’s in “bahasa Indonesia”, as this is taken from Sunda Hejo Klasik Beans factory, but I will give the translation…

A. Put 1 or 2 spoonfulls of coffee approx. to 5-10 grams of coffee for a 180ml-cup

B. Boil some water and cool it down for 1 minutes or until it gets 96*Celcius.

C. When the water become 96*C, pour it slowly into the glass. Beware: if the water is too hot, it can decrease the sweetness and the taste quality. So, it can cause bitterness and other bad taste from the coffee.

D. After 4 minutes, with the use of filter, pour the coffee into the cup. This filter is used to avoid the grounds blend with  water. As after 4 minutes the grounds can decrease the taste of coffee, too.

E. Your coffee is ready, but first try to smell the aroma of the coffee to get a nice sip… Enjoy!

F. The coffee-ground is good for your plant as nutrition.

G&H. The best way to brew your coffee is to prepare a certain amount of  fresh ground coffee. Keep the roasted beans in a cold and vacuum place, no sunshine. The oxidation on the beans could eliminate the freshness of your coffee and the taste will not good anymore. If you have coffee-roaster at home, it’s better to keep green beans coffee instead of the roasted one.

From my experiences, it’s good to have a french-press, so you don’t need filter anymore. But again… timing is important.

Hope you can get a better taste of coffee today!