i smell Illy coffee

Illy cappuccino at Cafe Zum Mohren Aachen

Illy cappuccino at De Karseboom Eindhoven

the lazy way on making cappucino @ dommel straat – eindhoven 🙁 but the chocolate’s good…

Illy koffie verkeerd (coffee-late) – ONS Eindhoven

Illy cappuccino – ONS Eindhoven

IJssalon Bastan Eindhoven

open only spring-summer; 10:00-22:00 every day

la marzocco machine

espresso + malaga gelato

although it’s not so good combination, but the espresso was perfectly done. The malaga taste so sweet that don’t blend well with the bitterness of the espresso. However the gelato is good.

Summer is almost over.. Before it’s getting colder,  I visited Bastani again.  This time I didn’t forget to take a snap before I drank my espresso… Even though they said they don’t have a special barista, but see how’s my espresso served.. not bad, right? 

Gelateria Luna Rossa – Maastricht

mirage – Kees van Der Westen

espresso + mocca gelato

The coffee and the soft-thicky mocca gelato were perfect combination. One scoop will not enough. Luna Rossa offers many kinds of gelato.

Grand Cafe Berlage Eindhoven

This place is a restaurant (indeed they serve coffee). They use Illy coffee. The espresso tastes good. But I didn’t check the machine they use.