i smell coffee at Hometown Den Haag

Many times i passed the place, but i always missed this. Absolutely, it’s not difficult to find out this place. It is in the central of Den Haag and is surrounded by shops and restaurants. My first impression about this place is warmth and cozy, though it is big as a size for a coffee bar. When I came, actually it’s not a perfect time for coffee, that might be the reason there was not so many people around. Hometown is covered by two sides of big windows. It’s really a strategical place to-see-and-be-seen.

The layout is a such, that you can see each other. It is decorated with  Vintage-retro furnitures, a touch of pots of plants on each table and  some magazines. In the corner there’s a sofa with an old rugs and a clock on the wall. It’s quite quiet. Two people were working with their ipad, three others were reading, while a man just sat outside enjoying his cigarette and watching the pedestrians. The customers were like family, they smile to each other and even say hi! It’s quite rare to see this scene in a big city.

To my surprise, they use Douwe Egberts coffee. Well, it’s not my favorite coffee beans. I ordered an espresso.  My DE espresso came from their la Marzocco machine.  Wow, I felt a bit different than the usual DE coffee I had. This one was half thick and fruity.

So, I ordered my second cup. This time  was cappuccino. The cappuccino came with a perfect late art accompanied by a sweets on the spoon. My cappuccino was not fruity. It tasted so good.  Hey, this place has changed my thought of DE. I like DE.

When I sipped my coffee and looked around, I found that the two girls that were busy behind the bar looks familiar to me. Yes, they were the finalist in a Dutch latte art championship 2013. I saw them almost a year ago! Really glad that I found this place. For sure, I will be back.