i-smell coffee here, there, and every where…

Sometimes I have no time to review coffee places I visited. But, here you can see the performance of coffee I drank from all over the world + some information about coffee beans and coffee machine. Enjoy!


coffeelover eindhoven


Coffeelovers at Polare bookstore Eindhoven http://www.coffeelovers.nl/

coffee machine:Mirage  coffee beans: Blanche Dael www.blanchedael.nl


Espresso – Chocolat Grand Cafe  at Chocolate Lindt Museum Koeln



Man met Bril koffie Bar at Rotterdam http://www.manmetbrilkoffie.nl/

coffee machine: La Marzocco      coffee beans: man met bril



De Kaffee Fabrik Eindhoven https://twitter.com/DeKaffeeFabrik

coffee machine: Kees van der westen    coffee beans: DROP coffee roaster

kaffee fabriek2 kaffee fabrik


Brandmeester Utrecht www.brandmeesters.nl

coffee beans: Brandmeester

Brandmeester Utrecht
Brandmeester Utrecht



Coffee Meo at Lille France

coffee beans: meo





De Boterham – Antwerpen       





Miss Blanche at Groningen

coffee machine: La Marzocco    coffee beans: red bean coffee

red bean cappuccino