i smell coffee from my kitchen

As a coffee lover, I like to make a coffee for myself as well. Although I’m still far to be the coffee-expert, but I start knowing how a good coffee should be. And I have my own favorite beans. This is also the reason, why I choose the place to taste the coffee. Otherwise is better for me to drink my own blends… with my own creation.

I have Krups espresso-machine. Though it’s not the best one, but that’s the machine I could afford. But most of the time now, I use Bialetti Moka expresss, the Brika one. Sometimes I made a try on creating the art-latte with my small-whisk milk-foam.

This is my experiment on coffee latte with my Bialetti Brika. I put indonesian beans, which I call it indonesian blend w.1.

My experiment with slagroom & espresso from Normo blend 3.1 with Bialetti Brika. See I can make a crema on top of my espresso with my Bialetti.


I have some collection of coffee… wanna see them?

These are my collections :

My Indonesian coffee collections July-August-September 2012

Koffie Aroma (Robusta) – Mandailing State Coffee Sumatra – Amungme Gold – Toko Ujung


My Indonesian coffee collections October 2012 – January 2013

Morning glory (Espresso Blend) – Anomali coffee (Sumatra Mandailing) – Jambi Liberica – Sunda Hejo green beans – Liberica (Java) -Sunda Hejo – Warung Tinggi (Original Blend) – Warung Tinggi (Arabica Super) – Exelso – Sapan Coffee (Peabery)










My Italian coffee collections January-February 2013

Sant “Eustachio” –  Scia-scia  – Jamaica Blue Mountain

collection 2