i smell coffee at Woyton ROAST Inc Dusseldorf

There are several Woyton coffee bar in Dusseldorf Centrum, but this one, in the corner is my favorite. Every time I visit Dusseldorf, this place is always be on my to-visit-list. Of course I also visited other coffee bar, but the thing is,  I feel like something i missing if I don’t take a sip of coffee here.


The place is easy to reach, as it locates in the centrum. But it’s not about the location. I would say the service scape of this place create a complete environment. Firstly, the place is perfect if I want to-see-and-be-seen, especially during the sunny days. Secondly, the informal and relaxing interior make me feel at a “warung kopi” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warung). Lastly, Woyton always has nice and friendly barista. They always have time to explain the coffee flavor that they offer and to suggest what kind of coffee to try, indeed including the brewing methods.

At this place they also offer a variety of slow coffee methods. It’s really interesting to see how they make my slow brew coffee.













Woyton ROASTInc

Markplatz 12 40213 Dusseldorf