i smell coffee at Villa Augustus, Dordrecht

I fall in love with this place… It’s a nice cozy place in Dordrecht.. Villa Augustus.. Imagine to be there in spring & summer… in a nice beautiful terrace… or just spend time to read in the garden… I also like their idea of combining open bakery-small organic market-gift-shop. It’s interesting that the vegetables they sell in the market are mostly from their own product. And the gift-shop sells some nice-chic-lovely design things… Sitting nearby the bakery makes you feel at home.

They also have some rooms to stay and they are so lovely… I wish I could spend nights there…

I like the cakes & cookies as well. Finally I find moist, soft cheese cakes in the Netherlands… They know how to bake cakes. For the coffee they use gold golden box. It’s not my favorite not too fruity nor nutty… however now I’m more focus on the lovely atmosphere they have…. Not too much bother with the coffee.