i-smell coffee at Utrechtse Clever Dripper Cup

The flyer about Utrechtse Clever Dripper Cup really attracted my attention. As it is possible for me to follow this competition, then I registered. Indeed, I was so nervous as this was my first time to join a coffee competition… !!

Two weeks before the competition, I received a package from het koffie lab, the organiser of this event. A clever dripper and a pack of Kiganjo beans which is specialy roasted for a coffee filter. Kiganjo is a Kenya coffee, which has the taste of limoncello, raspberry and walnut. It’s really challenging as with the dripper I should be able to perform those tastes.

Of course I did some browsing on how to use the clever dripper from the youtube and websites. Here is one of them  youtube.nlhetkoffielab/


Here is the manual on making the coffee with a clever dripper

The competition held at Koffie & Ik, Utrecht (you can read my review about Koffie & Ik on this website). Three judges, Sebastiaan (from het koffie lab), Robbie (from Koffie & Ik), and      , tasted 15 different cups of coffee from 12 participants. In the first round, there were two participants who could prepare the coffee in about 8 minutes. And in the second round there were three finalists!  .  Unlucky, I wasn’t the finalist, but Jan, my competitor, got the chance.


So in the second round I did some pictures and watched their coffee preparation.

coffee competition 203a

The winner is Bart from Den Bosch.. a coffee lover, Mieke, a barista who won the Aeropress competition this year, and Kornelis Jan.


Thanks a lot for het Koffie Lab who organised such an exciting competition. Especially for giving me a memorable time during my stay in the Netherlands and a unique present…..

coffee competition 201a