i smell coffee at the Coffee Plantation in West Java (Sunda Hejo classic beans)

Before I visited coffee plantation in the slope of Puntang-mountain in West Java, we stopped by “warung kopi” Indonesian local coffee shop at Tegalega Bandung. The place is surrounded by  plants as it is in the nursery plants area. The “warung” is recognizable by a lot of coffee plants (in the plastics). Just in case you haven’t seen the coffee plant yet, there is a fish pond in front of this place. Bamboo is used as the building material for the “warung”. Four sets of seat and small counter are inside. Some pictures about coffee plantation and the coffee knowledge hang on the wall.

The coffee is served by french pressed, though they also have mokka express. It smells really good, with its crema. Can you imagine, french press produces crema?! The coffee uses beans from Sunda Hejo brand. The beans come from West Java. It tastes fruity not so bitter, but I can feel the body.

After tasting the coffee, we continued our trip to go to the shelter closed to Bale Endah. Shelter is a place where people process the green dry beans and keep them for some time. The place is quite huge, with hundred sacks of coffee beans. In the shelter the worker hull the green beans from theirs covers and  filter the beans according to the quality. They measure and put the beans on the sack. The process takes only few minutes to get like 5 sacks.

to be continued…



the flowers of coffee




the coffee-tree

coffee fruits


coffee fruits

the process to get the beans

the process to get the beans

coffee drying process

the drying process

sunda hejo klasik plantation

the beans

coffee roasting process

the roasting process
*this picture is taken at anomali-cafe jakarta