i-smell coffee at Starbucks Amsterdam

Perhaps you are wondering why I do smell coffee at Starbucks Amsterdam.  I always love to drink my coffee surrounded by a nice environment. And Starbucks’ design at Rembrandtplein Amsterdam is really impressed me. It locates in a  historical building’s called “the Bank”.   It looks quite simple, but it has full of details. A contemporary look of interior is dominated by wood.   When I entered the cafe, an eye-catcher ceiling  on the main area  is constructed by a number of cubes wood. On my way to the coffee bar, a big mural with a typical blue-white color captures the Dutch coffee traders. The lights create a cozy atmosphere, though in some spots it’s a bit dark.





They have a long bar which is separated in two. One big part is for ordering coffee from the coffee machine. Another  small part is ready for ordering coffee with slow coffee brewing methods. To do so, they have pour over with dripper, cafetiere or french press and clover. The clover slow coffee method is new for me. And for sure, this is my choice. The coffee taste from clover is wonderful, on my opinion, it performs non-thick with a bold taste of coffee.












Although Starbucks has higher prices than other coffee bars in the Netherlands, I found this place is always full with customers. It may be because Amsterdam has the biggest number of tourist in the Netherlands and Starbucks has a well-known coffee brand. But it may be also because of the design.



Starbucks The Bank

Rembrandtplein – Utrechtsestraat 9  – 1017 CV Amsterdam

sunday to thursday 07:00-23:00  friday and saturday 07:00-00:00