i smell coffee at Stadsbranderij Eindhoven

It’s a bit hidden away from the street that you might miss this place. From a little corridor you will find a small terrace with trees, where we can enjoy the coffee during sunny day. As you entered a big green door (which sometimes is closed)  there’s  a bar with a big picture of coffee plants as a background at the end of the room. This is the logo of Stadsbranderij Eindhoven.

1st week of sept - eindhoven 027

1st week of sept - eindhoven 034Stadsbranderij offer a very nice coffee that is freshly roasted by themselves. Under the name of bean brothers, Stadsbranderij provide several coffee all over the world with such lovely names for each of coffee beans. They call Antonio for coffee beans from Brazil,  Gilberto from El salvador, Gabriel  from Colombia and so on. Here, you can try the Cascara the dried cherry of coffee  which has a quarter of caffeine levels compare to coffee. They also provide several fresh tea.

The baristas are always friendly, they will explain and give suggestion for a good coffee to try. For about 1 year the coffee  served in a chic designed cup which I think is made by Alissa + Nienke. However, now the cups are different!

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I have been here for a few times and my favorites are  cortado and cappuccino. Some tasty pastry are also available here.


Here, you can also join coffee workshops on their nice attic.

Bergstraat 14A Eindhoven

tuesday to saturday 10:00 – 17:00   sunday 12:00 – 17:00