i smell coffee at Sapan Coffee – pasar Santa Jakarta

In the mid October 2012, Sapan coffee got the 1st winner in coffee auction in Surabaya-Indonesia. A few days before that event, I visited the Sapan Coffee at Pasar Santa-Jakarta. I found this place from a website.  It’s quite difficult to find this place, as in this market there are 2 or 3 more place that also sell coffee. I think this will be a new trend there.

It’s really like a “warung kopi” – traditional coffee shop. We sit around the L-shape counter.   There’s no coffee machine, they make the coffee with hot water that is pouring from the kettle. The place locates between the other shops.. where other people are walking around.  I was lucky that at that time there were only 2 other customers. They talked and discussed coffee.. with Christine – the owner.

The coffee has a strong body and smells good. It has earth taste as well. One cup of coffee is only IDR 3000. I bought the peaberry coffee – the male-beans for IDR 70.000.