i-smell coffee at PS! Groningen

“Too fancy for a coffee-bar” was my first impression. Pink, tosca, chocolate are for the main color. But when I looked around, I smelled… I was wrong. With the fancy pink La Marzocco machine, they brew single estate coffee beans. It’s quite a new brand for me. The logo of single estate coffee seems familiar to me… hmm I though it remind me of intelligentsia… (but I’ve already checked, it’s not!)

The barista offered me Ethiophia or Guatemala. I chose espresso from Guatemala coffee beans, coz he said this was stronger!

The coffee tasted good, fruity, fresh & sour with great crema.

PS! is so colorful with such good design products. The lamps & furnitures such as shelves, bar, tables, all is with good combination of colors.. It remind me of Gaudi’s style especially on the bar and table – but in a modern way.  There’s no rules on creating coffee-bar, but I guess PS! makes revolution.. what do you think?

PS! does not only serve coffee.. they also offer you fancy cup cakes, pralines chocolate designers’ coffee accessories and also arts. They call themselves PS!koffie, kunst & chocola  – means coffee, art and chocolates.

With friendly & informative barista, I could share some chit chat about coffee. For sure I’ll be back to taste other coffee and to enjoy their fancy atmosphere.


PS! koffie, kunst & chocola  www.mijnps.nl

Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 24 Groningen


mon-sat 09:00-18:00 thu 09:00-21:00

espresso 3.1 euro