i smell coffee at Normo Antwerpen

Cool place with cool barista… were my first impression of Normo… Normo has its own blends which come from some countries in the world.. eg. Brazil, Columbia, Kenya… and I don’t remember. The place is unique, it combines area for seatings and working. You can see a big roasted machine in the corner. The barista will perform their latte-art-skill in front of you after espresso came out from the La Marzocco machine.. for sure if you order cappuccino or coffee latte !!

See the thickness of the crema… it still sticked after my coffee has finished!!!

This is my ice cappuccino…


Hey this is my home-made Normo coffee.. not bad, right?




Minderbroedersrui 30, 2000 Antwerp

Monday – Friday  10:00-19:00   Saturday 10:00-18:00