i smell coffee at Noah Barn coffeenery Bandung Indonesia

I put this place on my list as I saw Noah on the cover of Korean coffee magazine. The place looks so chic on the picture. And surprisingly when I googled it..  the place is in Bandung, Indonesia. Nevertheless the area is out of my expectation, as it doesn’t locate in the central or north part of Bandung, where usually people likes to hang out.

In the beginning of October 2012 I went there. The place is about120 sqm with full glass window, so you can easily see the comfy room inside. There are two long of table bars, where the baristas are working in between. There are some wooden tables and chairs with hanging lamps, but I chose to sit at the bar so I saw the coffee they had on the display.

Opiek, one of the barista was so friendly. He offered and introduced us some beans they had. At that time they had some roasted beans mostly are from Australia; Guatemala  from “Proud Mary”, “Seven seeds” for Honduras, “Single Origin” for Rwanda and Columbia Supremo, “Small batch” for Kenya;  Streamer Blend from Streamer coffee company – Japan; and Cafe du Village from China. That what I remembered… then the first cup we chose Streamer. It was suggested to have the coffee with shyphon as it will give a better taste. For myself I got cappuccino from Seven seeds was brewed by Synesso machine. Our second round was espresso from Proud Mary with Guatemala beans. For us the Guatemala has full body with combination of fruity, while the  espresso feels like full body but with earthy.


For the price, coffee knowledge and the warmness I can get, I really like this place. Can’t wait to for my next visit.

Noah Barn coffeenery – jalan Garuda 39 Bandung


(will open soon in jalan Dago-Dayang Sumbi)

espresso 15.000 IDR

cappuccino 20.000 IDR

shyphon 30.0000 IDR