i-smell coffee at Koffie & Ik Utrecht

Having an extra dagkaart during the weekend always be a good excuse to try a new espresso-bar I know in the Netherlands. So my destination was Utrecht. I knew this place from a leaflet I found at University’s espresso-bar. I’m not so familiar with southern part of  Utrecht. I walked from the station towards Lombok Neighbourhood and after 20 minutes I found the place. Actually it should be faster than that as Google map said it’s only about 12 minutes from the station. But a new place always attracts my curiosity. Lombok Neighbourhood is a multicultural area with the Turkish, Morocans and Iranian foodstores.

From the other side of the street, right in a corner, is Koffie & Ik; a fancy espresso-bar with big windows’ frame where I can see a Scandinavian interior-touch. Two barista were quite busy at that moment so I had more time to look around. A coffee machine from Kees Mirage, paper cups, several tools for slow coffee, grinders. Perfect! Some games, some magazines, books, and leaflets (I love leaflets!) are arranged close by the window.

ifi 268 ifi 265

They use the beans from het koffie lab. This is new for me.  So first I tried cappuccino with guatemala beans, namely La esperanza. It came with a perfect art latte! For me it tasted like chocolate.  I was satisfied with the cappuccino, so for my second cup, I took an espresso from Nyungwe that contains blue berry rwanda espresso. Coming with a thick crema, I found the  espresso was juicy, fruity taste without any bitterness. It had bold and round taste as well. I could say this had more fruity-taste than the coffee taste.

ifi 274

A nice atmosphere with a light music… with some nice people around.. and of course a good coffee… what a nice Sunday!

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Koffie & Ik  http://www.koffieenik.nl/

de Vleutenseweg 169, 3532 HC Utrecht, Netherlands

monfri 8.00 – 17.00,  sat  9.00 – 17:00 and sun 10.00 – 17.00