i smell coffee at Koffie and Stall

Nothing is coincidence even though I was lost. One day, I was cycling without a map in Leuven when I passed by this cute little place. Hmmm.. I smell coffee at Koffie and Stall.


The location is just after the hip place in the city of Leuven, in more precise it’s near the Vismarkt. Koffie and Stall occurs on the ground floor of an apartment building. The place has a high ceiling with full glass windows at the front side. From the windows I can see a nice comfortable interior; some chic good-looking furnitures display together with plants.

The coffee tastes good. Some homemade cakes and croissants are also available.

A couple of designers, who made jewelry and furniture, run this place. The small place is well arranged for seats, jewelry displays, as well as some stools and box collections on the wall. A perfect place if you want to have a quiet place while having coffee.