i smell coffee at Killiney Singapore

It is said that Killiney Kopitiam one of the oldest kopitiam (Hainanese Kopitiam) in Singapore. The beans come from Columbian for Arabica + Indonesia for Robusta, and they blend it together with their Hanianese  sytle. Kopi-O (coffee without milk = kind of espresso) or Kopi with sweetened milk are the famous type of coffee. The accompany of this coffee are boiled eggs – the famous one is half boiled ; toast bread/french bread with kaya & butter (kaya is fresh coconut jam) and exotic tasty types of noodle. For me coffee with noodle is not a love match, especially if it’s cooked with coconut milk (is called Laksa or Curry), however so many Asian like this so much!

There are some location in Asia, the biggest number of course in Singapore.. No worries, they also open in Changi… just check http://www.killiney-kopitiam.com/ if you want to know further..