i smell coffee at Kali Tengah Den Haag

Kali Tengah is a shop for coffee and tea. Particularly for tea, they have many variations, black tea  (zwarte thee) , green tea (groene thee), oloong tea, spice tea (kruiden thee), white tea, roibos, and many variety of aromatic tea. However, my focus of course is more on coffee than tea.

Unfortunately, at this moment they still don’t have their own products. But, they sell local coffee (that roasted in the Netherlands). I can see Kali Tengah has a distinct selection of coffee that is quite rare in the market. Let’s say Kopi Dua. As I know, this brand is only sell in the Netherlands’ restaurant. Giraffe coffee from Rotterdam, Boon from Den Haag.

Besides selling coffee and tea, here I can find different types of design cups, coffee makers (especially for slow coffee) and tea makers. At the backside of the shop, there is a drink-corner, where we can try the tea or coffee that they sell.

Today, they are serving Girrafe which consists of the blending between Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee. The ECM Heidelberg coffee machine produced my cappuccino. The taste of coffee was mild with a light flavor of milk. The coffee comes with a home made white meringue. It’s perfect!

As I mentioned, Kali Tengah also sell coffee makers. I found ROK espresso here, a coffee maker that I have ever tried before. The owner kindly made me a cup with ROK espresso. It’s surprising me. We were using the same coffee beans (but without milk). And the taste was so different. I can feel the fruity taste and also have a bitter aftertaste. Hmmmm… I should put ROK on my list.


Kali Tengah

Weimarstraat 54   2562 GZ Den Haag

Tuesday – Friday : 09:30 – 18:00     Saturday : 09:30 – 17:30