i smell coffee at Die Kaffee – Dusseldorf

It’s on the North part of Dusseldorf which is quite far from the centrum. There are several cafe and restaurant near by. The place is too humble for a good reputation cafe. Die Kaffee, that is the name. It utilizes pedestrian as a decent  terrace in summer time. Not disturbing pedestrians, as the street is prety quiet. From two big windows we can see the interior, where many coffee-sacks are displayed in front of a Giesen coffee-roaster.


Inside of the cafe, a long bench places close by the window with some pillows made from coffee sacks. Though the cafe seems small,  it has a number of seats in the corner as well as in its open backyard. Some certificate awards on the wall mentioned that Die Kaffe are the best  coffee roaster in 2010 and 2012.









I experienced an espresso that was so fresh, fruity without bitterness after taste. The aroma was delicate enough with perfect crema on top. I heard a slow rock music while I sipped my coffee. A nice private place with a nice coffee to relax.

Before I left, I bought two packs of coffee, the Indian and the winner roasted beans.

IMG_4110 IMG_4109
Die kaffee www.die-kaffee.de

Schwerinstraße 23, 40477 Dusseldorf, Germany

Mon – Fri 09:00-19:00     Sat 08:00-18:00