i smell coffee at Corica – Brussels

There are many coffee places that are recommended in Brussels.

I choose Corica. bru&TUE 267

I have already smelt their coffee at a distance of 100 meters from the shop. Corica is not a fancy place. There you  even could not find any seats! Similar to most coffee bars in Italy, here we are standing while sipping the coffee. However, we can find a lot type of coffee beans in this coffee bar. Just name it!  Costa Rica, Kenya, Ethiophia, Guatemala, is quite common, but they also have…. Jamaica blue mountain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Hawaii, Australia… and Kopi Luwak!

While we enter the place, the long bar exists on the left side and face to face with the Robbin roasting machine. Behind the bar there is a line of grinders with beans (almost) that signs with the flag of the country. On the backside, a lot of sacks of coffee, and a display for tea accessories and coffee.

bru&TUE 275

From the menu I ordered cortado leche-leche with costa rica beans (hmmm.. it’s a spanish name). It was served in a thermo glass. From the glass I could see the layer. After some stirs, first I tasted the sweetness of the condensed milk and slowly the softness of coffee. I couldn’t feel any bitterness, but a delicate nutty after taste.

bru&TUE 270

The baristas were very friendly; they gave me an explanation about the hip of Brussels. Another interesting thing that I saw in the corner is several traditional bags to bring the beans. The baskets are  for bringing coffee beans from the backside to the bar. They are unique, since they come from different countries, unfortunately, they are not for sale.

Although it’s not a place “to hang out”, I would say this cafe is a good one..





bru&TUE 285

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La Maison Corica, Comptoir Oriental des Cafés  from Mon to Sat 10 am to 6 pm.


49, Marché aux Poulets 1000 Bruxelles