i-smell coffee at Coffee BRU Amsterdam


I have heard Coffee Bru since last year. Many times I visited Amsterdam. However after a year later finally I have a chance to visit the place.  A coffee place in the East of Amsterdam with a big glass window, where customers can sit behind and see the street.


Entering the place, a long corridor with couples of seats on the one side and with some greens covering at the end of corridor’s wall. They have quite a lot collection of coffee and tea, plus the accessories on the two selves in front of the bar.



Bocca coffee bean and wild monkey tea are their preference. Today the coffee blend for the espresso is the mix between kongo and ethiopie. I ordered a cup of double shot cappuccino and a cup of cortado. A La Marzocco machine applies for the espresso, and some types of dripper for the coffee filter. My Double shot cappuccino has thickness and bitterness after taste, I might say  a man-like coffee; while the cortado, which is espresso + milk has light and smooth taste.

Without any music, the place presents a warm cozy atmosphere to chit chat with friends as well as  taking care of children. Psst.. just right in the back corner there is a kid area with some kids’ book and kids coffee utensils. Not only that, some colorful chairs are ready to use while kids are around.

There is also a shelf  with long bench at the back side with some interesting book (especially for me).. life-style, culture, and culinary magazines and books about coffee. So, if you want to kill your time here… you can read some.. other else to do? just bring your laptop or tablets to surf with the free wifi.


Free wifi

Cortado espreso+ milk 2.45

Double espresso cappuccino 2.95