i smell Indonesian coffee-beans

Kopi Kapal Api is one of the famous brands of coffee in Indonesia…. You can find it especially in the sachet almost in every street vendors, small shops, mini markets… And what about the taste??? “Kopi kapal api jelas lebih enak” *indeed it’s better

(that’s the slogan)

Banara coffee is from Semarang. The powder is already packed in a very fine grinds to make a glass of kopi tubruk (the Indonesian’s way of making coffee). But I keep on using it on my mokka express….




The coffee beans come from Indonesia… Bali Dancer coffee. To be honest I have never tasted it before in Indonesia. Yes, it’s not strong enough, but compare to the coffee beans from other country, I guess it’s quite good.

Once, I found that I’ve got several Indonesian beans to try..

Robusta beans from Koffie Fabriek AROMA – Bandung Jawa Barat

Arabica beans from Estate Coffee – Sumatra

Organic Coffee – Amungme Gold – Nemangkawi Mountain Papua

Robusta coffee – Toko Ujung – Ujung Pandang Sulawesi

I’ll give the review next time.